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Doug and Tone.

Doug, from Australia, came to Iceland about a month ago and contacted me through this page so we met up for a beer.

My girlfriend Sonja and I have met Tone and his wife Pen twice when they have come to Iceland. They contacted us also through this page and came to Iceland for the second time last week and we invited them over for some grilled fish. Here is Tone and Pens photoblog: atypical

It is fun meeting people like this and all of them are fun and nice people.

ps. The reason I don't put up a picture of Pen is that girls usually don't like their portraits so it is not a chance worth taking ;-)
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Anonymous Tone said...

... yet again a Joi pic that makes me look much better than real life.
Thanks for a lovely evening in Rekyavik 24 hr daylight, the food and the company were fantastic - a highlight in a wonderful trip to your beautiful dramatic country.
Sorry it has taken so long to post comments here - life has been super-busy since we got home (hope you got our e-mail.
love Tone and Pen xxx

5:48 PM